Soul Carers

The Organisation

We see ourselves as planters of trees and wildflower meadows. We want to see growth. We are keen to get ‘soul care everywhere’, and to remove boundaries, so we are a non-profit organisation. In the same way we want our own work to grow too, to always be flexible and responsive, rather than set in our ways.

Initially we have trained care home staff in the language and skills of soul care. We like working with salt of the earth care staff, and have developed a range of practical training sessions for care staff. We meet the healthcare industry regulatory requirements for trainers, and enjoy professional status and credibility having extensive varied experience in the health sector. 

We are excited and privileged to be building partnerships in a wide range of areas, and we are keen to have as many inputs and platforms as possible for this national conversation.

We are working on care home projects at the moment. We would happily discuss other soul care projects with you, either to work with you, or help you plant and create your own projects.

We can work with your organisation to bring clarity and coaching skills to your soul care work. We can also train. We are happy to discuss any areas where we might be able to help you take things forward.

We freely share our resources with you. Please use them far and wide, but mention they have come from We have an extensive page of links to other interesting websites.

We are happy to be contacted about any of these work areas, or to discuss other ideas. We will always offer a clear price up front for the work we do, and you will not be under any obligations.