Soul Carers


Now I'm a trained soul midwife I feel confident enough to talk to others about death and dying and help residents walk out of life prepared and complete.

The course is fairly easy going, Sam and Paul interpret it so you can fully understand what they are putting across. They bring you together as a group and make you feel very involved even if you're the type to sit back and listen.

You will definitely go away having learnt something about yourself. 


Probably the best thing you will ever do as a carer. Loved the course - feel a better person for it well done Sam and Paul and thank you!


When I first heard of the soul midwifery course that was running at our home, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I'd just lost a loved one myself and… was I ready to delve into the unknown?

My answer was yes, the sessions I attended helped me to deal with my grief and to realise you only have 'one shot' at death, so make it as special to you as possible.

The soul midwifery sessions helped me to realise that.

Death shouldn't be seen as a taboo subject as it is a part of the life cycle.. 
I have found that after attending the sessions, I am more open to discussing the process of dying, it is no longer a scary subject for me.

I feel that I am able to make the passing of my residents a lot more peaceful / person centred for them and their families, and to know that I helped to do this makes my job all the more worthwhile.

I found Sam and Paul, the trainers of the soul midwifery, very down to earth, easy going and passionate about what they were teaching, they make it easy. 
I would recommend that anyone who is interested in soul midwifery to attend these sessions.



When I was first introduced to the concept of soul care I was a little apprehensive.  I imagined that it would be quite hard to understand and that I wouldn’t be clever enough to follow the course.

After my first session I realised that I was wrong.  Soul care is mostly about common sense and I felt that I knew a lot of what was being taught but had never thought about the content in a logical way.

The delivery of the course is easy to follow and delivered in a way that I understood.  Sam and Paul are able to simplify everything, and they are both really patient. 

Soul care training took me to some places emotionally that I hadn’t expected and I did feel a bit awkward, both Sam and Paul were happy to talk to me about this in private and I didn’t feel “silly” it’s only natural to have questions.

I feel that due to undertaking the soul care training I am now in a better position to help the individuals that I care for.  Not only in matters surrounding death and dying but understanding their journey with us, better too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend soul care to anybody.  I’m positive everybody will be able to take something away and improve the life and journey of the individuals they care for.

Both Sam and Paul are easy going and really easy to talk to, and it helps that they are both so passionate about Soul Care!                                                                                                        


I participated in the Soul Carers course and found it an invaluable resource to use in the practical care of the residents we look after.

I myself am a Christian, and when I first heard about the idea of soul care, I was slightly apprehensive. However I went into the sessions with an open mind and soon realised the course was not aimed specifically at Christians, or at atheists. It is a course which caters for all faiths, beliefs and lifestyles, and is applicable to the care of any one, of any age. I found that I could ground all of the sessions in my faith in God, and it allowed me to experience and investigate my own connection with God and with myself, which I feel has helped me to be able to care for other people.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn more about the deeper side of personal care and spiritual care.