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We aimed to celebrate the universal human experience of being cared for, or caring for someone.This was a joint effort of 3 local care homes and for 'The Big Draw'. Everyone who came enjoyed themselves. 

120 people created a small picture, adding a sentence to share an experience of care. By the end of the second day we had a wall of pictures, showing the breadth of the human experience of care. This included a man whose father had sat with him when he had pneumonia as a child - doing paint by numbers to pass the time and show his love; another man who had planted flowers with funnel shaped leaves in his garden - so the birds could feed their young with the water collected in the leaves; and a lady who had worked as a nurse in an 'infectious fevers' unit for children - sharing her memories of some of the children there and their infant smiles that touched her heart so strongly she remembered them now - 50 years later. This is the stuff of care... wonderful!

Special thanks to Natalie and Leanne from Woodleigh who encouraged everyone, and to Nikki from Newgate Lodge, and to everyone who came along and gave a little bit of their time and themselves. We have been asked to run another 'Hands That Care' next year at an event run by Nottinghamshire County Council. 


This is a new project for us at soulcarers. We have had discussions with all levels of staff at the home. We are exploring the concept of celebration as a discipline, that it gives us a grateful heart which is one of the cornerstones of soul care, and have started celebrating the everyday occurrences within the lives of the people in the care home gives a framework for meeting that soul need.

We are finding that in a very short space of time it is bringing a festival spirit to normal life, making every day different and adding a genuine significance, joy, fun and excitement, bringing energy, and opening the doors for memories and conversations.

it is a great leveller for staff and residents, and has improved relationships and a sense of community.

Some of the staff identified they had a lack of confidence in this area, and are being mentored by staff who have asked to develop the others. Watch this space for celebration project updates through 2012...