Soul Carers

Project Work

We love to do project work! We can either do short term projects or help in the longer term. We can develop established projects, or help with new experimental ones. We can be useful with projects that are designed to bed into long term practices, or projects that are designed to agitate and change ways of working.

We prefer to work with you to design your own project, but can help you kick-start a project, bringing energy where needed.

We think projects work better when they are properly named, we can help with this. 

"About 9 months ago an interesting new 'pet' came to live at the care home. He is the 'Fantasti-cat'. Every day we draw him on the flip chart and feed him with all the titbits of the little things we do that make huge differences to peoples well-being and connectedness. Often these phenomena are overlooked but they are the gifts that can make someone’s day special. Anything from a hug, a song, a kind word or thought or an extra piece of cake can give a person a huge lift.  'Fantasti-cat' lets us see and celebrate ordinary but special things we do to make a difference".


"It’s Tuesday, its 5 o'clock and it’s time to sing!! Our very own Care Home Community Choir commences practice.
The benefits of gathering together to sing can't be overstated. It's what people have done since the beginning of time.
We enjoy choosing and singing a varied programme of traditional and contemporary material. There are warm up exercises and laughter yoga too! It’s a landmark in the week and it’s universally anticipated with great pleasure. Everyone from the home's extensive, extended family is welcome to attend and if people are non- verbal because of illness or frailty we need kazoo accompaniment and percussion. There is truly a place for everyone!
This summer we are holding some master classes in harmony singing and our ambition is to develop into a Threshold Choir supporting our friends through their end of life progression. As the marking of all life's milestones is becoming more important at this home our choir will have a duty to celebrate the steps of people’s journeys with them".