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We select people who are allied to the ‘soul care everywhere’ mission.

We aim to have people from all walks of life. We do not take any responsibility for the work of any of our partners.....

Antonia Rolls - A Graceful Death – paintings from the end of life

A Graceful Death is an exhibition of  45 paintings and growing, from the end of life; raw, powerful and real, painted with honesty and love.  A Graceful Death began with the death of Antonia's partner from cancer in 2007;  she painted his last weeks, days and the day of his death as a way to understand what was happening.  By 2009 Antonia tentatively mounted the first exhibition in her home, calling it A Graceful Death.  The reaction was profound and moving.  A floodgate was opened, so many people needed to talk about their own experiences, so many people needed to respond to what had happened to them, that the exhibition began to expand to include other people's stories and experiences, and to travel the country.

A Graceful Death is now about you.  Antonia finished painting her story in 2009, and now she paints yours.  She paints people who are facing the end of their lives, people who are undergoing treatment for life threatening illnesses and those who are Survivors, of either the bereavement process or who are in, for the moment, remission from a possible terminal condition.  Alongside the exhibition is a Wall of Words, a display of poetry and thoughts from those who are moved to send their own thoughts, plus poetry from the very popular Poetry Workshops that run during the exhibitions.  Other workshops with A Graceful Death include those run by Artists, Healthcare Professionals, Musicians and those working in Spiritual End of Life Care. 

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Julie Tasker

Julie is a gifted professional complementary therapist, healer, and teacher. 

She is an excellent communicator and very down to earth. 

Julie helps us deliver some of our courses, and is fantastic to work with, she is perceptive, receptive and flexible. We always have excellent feedback from the sessions she runs.