Soul Carers

About Us

We are a lively and dynamic alliance, who have been working together creatively for three years. We explore, agitate, clarify, spark, push and pull, put ideas into action, and smelt off the dross.

Our background is working with people in need. Recently we have worked enabling care and support staff as the backbone of hands on care in this country. Care staff improve the quality of people’s lives every single day, and are often overlooked. Soul carer training helps to prevent burnout for care staff, by improving their work satisfaction.

For a long time soul care and spiritual care have been in the hands of specialists. We believe it belongs to everybody and should be everywhere! The people who can take the soul care torch and pass it through the world in their day to day work and life, bringing light and hope little by little to those around them.

There has been increasing recognition of the need for spiritual and soul care recently, and also recognition of the lack of soul care skills in the mainstream settings (particularly in the health sector, when people’s soul care needs can be great). We believe the only way to improve this is for people throughout society to have the language and skills of everyday soul care, which gives confidence to talk about it, and courage to get going, bedding it into our day to day lives, loves and jobs.

It is important we remain non-denominational, and neutral, about who is right and who is wrong, as everyone’s soul experiences are different, and equally valid. Our work is about recognising that and putting everyday skills and language everywhere that soul care is needed.