Soul Carers


A huge hello and welcome to We hope you find the site a useful resource, and want to join us in this fast growing revolution.

Our aim is simple – SOUL CARE EVERYWHERE!

To help soul care everywhere happen more easily, we are a non- profit organisation.

Our name came from the Gaelic phrase ‘anam cara’ which means soul carer or soul friend.

We believe that deepening the connections between people, opens the door to love and compassion, encourages both, and brings a rich depth of presence and grace to our relationships.

We believe that soul care, or spiritual care is not fragile, exclusive or elite, but should be as common as breath, that any person can provide soul care for any other person, if they have the heart to do so.

We believe that giving and receiving soul care transforms the people involved, creating a nurturing and sacred space, where people thrive and flourish.

We believe that many people and many places are in great need of easily accessible, down to earth, soul care. So we deliver this in mainstream settings, using our excellent communication skills, practical expertise, and transformational training. 

This week we are attending and contributing to the LOROS conference 'The Spirit Of Caring' in Northampton. We have workshops planned that cover exploring the stages of dying, and how to help smooth the transition through these, working with intention, and practical ways of overcoming barriers to delivering spiritual care in mainstream health settings. 

Next week we have a session with care home staff in Nottinghamshire who are working to improve the end of life care in their homes.